I am a wife to an adorable and very supportive man, and mom to a very intelligent mini Schnauzer named Mindy. I am based out of Miami and inspired by my friends and family. I got started in photography almost 10 years ago after my husband gave me for Christmas a Canon power shot S2 IS. At the time all I knew about photography was that one, I liked it, and two, point and shoot. One day we decided to go to Italy on a 10 day vacation and toured Rome by day and also by night. By the way, this is my second passion, TRAVELING the world. Anyway, back to the topic of Rome, if you've been there you'll know that it is a very busy and ancient city. I loved it the most at night...sigghhhh...everything is calm and beautifully lit. The challenge was capturing that beauty with such little lighting, needless to say they all came out blurry. After that trip I almost gave up photography until one day for my birthday my husband surprised me with my first big girl DSLR by Nikon. I was so excited but a little nervous because I knew of the challenges I faced in Rome. Anyhow, that's when it all changed for me, my new goal was to perfect my skills and return to Rome for those shots it kept from me.

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